When to Buy a CarBuying a car is a huge investment, it may be one of the most substantial you’ll make in your lifetime. When a purchase is costly, it’s best to put a good deal of research into it, before purchase. We found a handy infographic from FindtheBestCarPrice.com that can guide you to the best time to buy a new vehicle. It takes into account many factors, including what type of vehicle you’re interested in. Did you know you’ll get a better deal on a SUV in the summer?Maybe you’ve heard that you’ll get the best deal at the end of the month when salesmen are trying to meet their quota, but also take into account there are slow times during the week when salespeople are hungry for sales.

After you read this infographic, you can shop with confidence. You’ll know the best time of day, week, month and year to buy the vehicle you’re looking for. Now all you need to do is decide which model you really want.

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The Best Time to Buy A Car